Yaskawa Z1000 Drives Road Show Class

The Yaskawa Z1000 Drives Road Show class can be conducted at your facility and provides an effective product training experience. The road show training class eliminates the need for travel and is ideal if you have six or more people to train with a common training need.

The Z1000 Drives Road Show: Standard class provides training for any level of operator, technician or engineer. A combination of hands-on-activities (when possible), instructor lecture and classroom discussion pack a lot of training information into a short amount of class time. In conjunction with the Drive Road Show, GBI conducts individual classes for customer ranging from end users to contractors who need to know how to properly operate and diagnose variable frequency drives.

2017 Yaskawa Drive Road Show held at the Port Of Miami
2017 Yaskawa Road Show held at the Port of Miami


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