Belimo SelectPro™

Sizing and Selection Made Simple.

SelectPro is a quick and simple tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, and replacement solutions.

SelectPro’s Improvements Include:

  •  Updated Valve Module Interface – Easy and intuitive sizing and selection
  •  Reference Documents – Locate information in one central location
  •  Contact Profiles – Ability to save multiple contact profiles
  •  Quote Generator – Create a professional quote from your schedule
  •  Media Download – Save a ZIP file of your entire schedule’s media

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Note: SelectPro Online works best
in Google Chrome and Mozilla

Yaskawa $avings Predictor iOS App

Variable frequency drives (VFD) are reliable electronic devices that control three-phase electric motor speed. They are used in building automation, industrial, pumping, agricultural, irrigation, and water/wastewater applications to control the speed of fans and pumps in various systems. The payback period for installing drives is usually less than three years and can be less than a year.

The Yaskawa $avings Predictor App estimates energy savings when using a variable frequency drive instead of conventional volume control methods. Detailed estimation results can be e-mailed directly from the application.

Title: Yaskawa $avings Predictor iOS App
Filesize:  0.10MB

System Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later

Energy Savings Predictor (ESP) Software with Carbon Footprint Calculation

Controlling your applications with our drives can save you energy and reduce your operating cost. To complete your energy estimation all you need is your customer information, utility information, and systems specifics to calculate energy savings and carbon emissions for single or multiple systems

Title: Yaskawa $avings Predictor iOS App
Description: This software is to be downloaded, unzipped and installed on your PC. It will be used to calculate energy savings and the carbon footprint on Fans, Pumps, and Cooling Towers utilizing the Z1000 drive. Automatic updates are available for users that already have an earlier version installed.
Filesize:  16.6MB
Download: CLICK HERE

System Requirements:

  • Personal Computer or Notebook (Pentium or faster) running Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, VISTA
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Monitor: VGA or higher with a minimum resolution of 1024x768 (16 bit colors)
  • Hard Disk: 30 MB Available Disk Space
  • Mouse
  • Internet Connection (optional)

Energy Savings Worksheet

This worksheet helps you calculate the energy savings for centrifugal fans and pumps. Compare VFD performance to other methods of volume control (based on motor output or horsepower). All you need are motor horsepower, the cost per kWh of electricity, total hours of operation per year, and the alternative to VFD control (inlet guide vane, outlet damper, ride the fan curve, discharge valve, bypass damper, bypass valve or no control). 

Title: Energy Savings Estimator for Centrifugal Fans & Pumps
Filesize:  99.0KB
Download:   CLICK HERE

System Requirements:

  • Ability to open Adobe Acrobat 7 PDF documents


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