As a Belimo Platinum Controls Contractor, Green Building Innovations fully supports every product line Belimo offers. We take pride in focusing on Belimo and can assist you and your facility in proper sizing and selecting of valves, damper actuators, or sensors.

Humidity Sensors

Controlling humidity in buildings is critical to occupant comfort. It’s also important to protecting building infrastructure, production processes, stored goods, and museum artwork. Belimo’s range of durable duct, outdoor air, and condensation sensors are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure superior reliability, accuracy, and repeatability. Combined temperature and humidity sensors provide a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Air Quality Sensors

Air quality sensors guarantee occupant comfort and health. We offer a wide range of combined multi-sensors for CO2, humidity, temperature, and VOCs designed to ensure air quality and maximize energy savings over the life-cycle of the building.

Pressure Sensors

Accurate pressure measurement is important for optimal HVAC system performance. Pressure sensors from Belimo are capable of measuring extremely high and low pressures in both inert and corrosive liquid and gas applications. The sensors offer precise measurement of pressure, differential pressure, and velocity for reliable monitoring. Selectable measuring ranges are available for application flexibility.

Flow Sensors

Reliable measurement of flow plays an important role in maximizing HVAC system efficiency and conserving energy. Belimo’s inline flow meters utilize ultrasonic transit-time technology to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurement in any application. Their compact size and robust design makes them suitable for use with chilled water, hot water, and water/glycol solutions at temperatures ranging from -4°F to +250°F [-20°C to +120°C]. The meters are fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring reliable operation and extended product life.


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